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2-115-57, Merton Twp

5 miles south and 4 east of Clark

The Cemetery was probably started around 1881.The first burial was Mrs Wm Olverson in1890.There were probably 40 graves and one time. This is a spot better known to most folks as a bird sanctuary than as a cemetery. Milkweed and asparagus hide depressions and mounds of sod and blot out all vestiges of hallowed ground. The wooden markers which originally identified graves have vanished and only depressions indicate that there are many still there. Some have been moved to other cemeteries. According to the old-times in the area, as many as 40 persons may have been buried here. It was used by Merton and Darlington people and is about an acre in size.

Karen Thoreson Solimar owns the Land. It was originally a part of a tree claim owned by Jane Thoreson Olverson, Irene Bennett’s mother, who gave the northwest quarter to be used for a cemetery. She was a sister of Oscar Thoreson, Marlow’s father, and also a sister of Elmer Kirkeby’s mother. Erlus and Erlene Bennett inherited it from their grandmother and sold it to Karen.

Grant - Ethel Roberdeau’s family – some members of family here, maybe.

Hallberg, Andrew G -11-30-1936

Kirkeby, Baby Boy - brother of Elmer

Maltby, -7-3-1888 – grandfather of Ralph Maltby-died of cancer
McClellan - George’s parents

Olverson, Emma Louise – 2 years old. Buried her in 1878- Irene Bennett’s Sister

Palmer, Jeff F – 1897 -Elsa Grant Palmer’s baby boy –Nephew of Ethel Grant Roberdeau

Thoreson, Mrs James – 1830/1890– homesteaded here in 1881. Mother of Oscar, Marlow Thoreson’s grandmother. Later moved to Rose Hill Cemetery, Clark