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Flat Iron Park History

Flat Iron Park is the most visible vestige Clark has of its historical past.  If it were not for the Chicago & NorthWestern Railroad, Clark would now be one mile north and there would be no Flat Iron Park!

These four early photos emphasize the historical significance of Flat Iron Park, and were furnished by Vernon J Smith.

flatiron1.jpg (50076 bytes)
In the late 1800's the City Fathers were quite proud of the "Little Triangle" created by the C&NW Railroad, as you can see.  Note the elaborate fence that was erected to emphasize the Flat Iron shape.

flatiron2.jpg (17776 bytes)
The City Fathers decided to establish a memorial at Flat Iron Park with the addition of a lifesize statue of a WW1 soldier.  Jud Smith, who was running for City Manager around that time, posed for a publicity shot.

flatiron3.jpg (10471 bytes)
Additional improvements were made to the "Little Triangle" as a concrete column elevated the Soldier to the prominent position he still holds today.

flatiron4.jpg (11252 bytes)
The memorial was upgraded as the concrete column was replaced with a granite column.   (Can you imagine what such a monument would cost today?)

This is the monument as it looks today in Flat Iron Park.

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