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Clark Rotary Tree Project

The Clark Rotary Club is a service organization that has been working with Craig Brown, Community Service Forester for three years.   In 2006 the Rotary planted 30 trees at the Clark Swimming Pool Park, and helped to water and take care of them through the summer and get them ready for winter.  The 2007 Rotary Tree Project included the planting of approximately 100 boulevard trees in the city of Clark, with the Rotary Club choosing the locations and variety of tree. The project included financial assistance from an Urban & Community Forestry Grant.  We utilized our membership,, a local master gardener, our Community Service Forester, and the City of Clark parks and street department to facilitate the planting of roughly one mile of boulevard trees within the city of Clark.  In 2008, the Rotary Club planted an additional 100 boulevard trees in the City of Clark.

In coordination with the City of Clark Parks and Street Department, the Clark Rotary Club will assist land owners with ongoing maintenance of the newly planted trees.  Utilization of the city watering system will assist in keeping the trees moist.  We have met with the Clark City Council to discuss this project, and the city's assistance with it.

Assistance from the Community Service Forester helped to select appropriate trees, such as American Linden and its cultivars.  Cultivars of Norway maple, hackberry, small tree types such as spring snow Crabapple, Amur Cork trees, and Amur chokecherries will be used for confined spaces and under power lines.  The forester will also assist in education on planting techniqes and oversight of ongoing maintenance. 

The community of Clark will be the primary beneficiary of this project.  Boulevard trees will help beautify the city in the years to come.  Trees also help provide much needed shad for grasses and assist in keeping the city cool and blocking winds.  A copy of our local tree ordinance is available here.

A tree seminar was held on Friday, May 5th, 2007 at 9 am at the Ullyot Building, to provide information on planting and caring for trees.  This seminar was sponsored by the Clark Rotary Club, and  featured Craig Brown, Community Service Forester.  He spoke on a variety of tree-related topics, including planting, caring for, and pruning trees.  Mr Brown did a hands-on seminar, visiting about choosing the right tree for the right location, the depth of the planting of the roots, tree care after planting, mulching, watering, and pruning.  Master Gardener Tika Sendelweck also spoke about proper care of trees, and Warren Brandlee, Northwestern Energy, talked about the importance of not planting trees under electrical wires. 

A Fall/Winter Tree/Shrub Care Seminar was held on October 26th, 2007 from 9:30-11:30am at the Ullyot Building to provide information on fall and winter preparation and care for trees and shrubs.  This seminar was sponsored by the Clark Rotary Club as a part of the tree project.

In the fall of 2007,  a group of 4-Her's from the Clever Clovers 4-H Club were instructed about preparing trees for the winter, and then the group helped to wrap and mulch the first year trees for winter.  The group is shown here with Tom LaBrie giving them a demonstration on the wrapping and mulching of one of the Rotary planted trees from 2007. 

Here are some links to web sites with information on tree selection and care:
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